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Tonica Kombucha Grapefruit Glow (355ml)

Tonica Kombucha Grapefruit Glow (355ml)

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Dewy tree-ripe peaches blend with hydrating flower petals to leave you feeling


Juicy, tart & effervescent, our radiant grapefruit blend sparkles as it invigorates. Alive with belly-friendly culture and 100% organic & delicious.

Grapefruit Glow combines the plant-based superfood of Goji Berry and deliciously tart grapefruit for an invigorating, refreshing and crisp blend. The ultimate plant-based superfood takes flight in this delicious supertonic.


Kombucha (yeast and bacteria cultures), Organic evaporated cane juice, Grapefruit extract, Ginger tea, Black carrot extract, Organic goji tea (sencha green tea, Natural ­avours, Goji berries, Calendula), Carbon dioxide