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About Us

Voted the 2019 Consumer Choice Award for Best Health Food Store in Regina!

Winner of Gold in Health Food Stores in CommunityVotes Regina 2021, 2022 and 2023!

At Body Fuel Organics, we are dedicated to nourishing you on your journey to wellness. Firm believers in the essential connection between what you eat and how you feel, we are devoted to providing you with access to the food that makes you feel good! We strive to nurture a lifelong passion for conscious eating in others by sharing knowledge and resources.

Body Fuel Organics is a locally owned grocery store that delivers organic produce and groceries to our customers in Regina and area, and a number of southern Saskatchewan communities.  You can order groceries online 24/7 in your jammies for delivery or pick-up or you can shop in our store on McDonald Street in Regina (yes, even still in your jammies!).  Not sure where to start?  Try one of our Signature Fresh Organic Produce Bins. We have created a number of bins with a variety of themes available at different price points for every budget or family size. You can set up a standing recurring order that will be delivered weekly, and you can add to that order as needed each week.

You can be confident in knowing that we have personally researched, sourced and tested all of the amazing products that grace our shelves, coolers and freezers.  We source locally whenever we can and are so proud of all producers.

Our services include:

  • Organic produce bins, made to order with love;
  • Online grocery shopping in your jammies 24/7;
  • Let us select & pack your groceries for delivery or pick-up;
  • Carefully cultivated selection of organic produce, meats and other healthy groceries – you won’t find many of our products anywhere else in Regina.
  • Food that makes you happy no matter what you eat! (Vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, Whole30, lactose intolerant, and more);
  • Healthy grab & go lunches;
  • Learn to cook and other special interest educational sessions; and,
  • Knowledgeable and oh-so-friendly staff

Customer Appreciation Day

To show our appreciation to our amazing customers, we have a customer appreciation day on the first Monday of every month. Spend $100.00 and receive 10% off your purchase!

If the first Monday of the month happens to be a holiday and we're closed, then it will be the following Monday.

Our Mission is to:

INSPIRE people to rediscover the essential connection between what you eat and how you feel;

PROVIDE access to food that makes you feel good; and,

NURTURE a lifelong passion for conscious eating by sharing knowledge and resources.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

  1. We believe that organic produce helps people to feel well.
  1. We believe people are the masters of their own destiny and with the proper tools, knowledge and resources, that they can be in control of their health.
  1. We believe in nourishing people on their journey to wellness, reaching them wherever they are on that journey, and helping them make good decisions about the food they put in their bodies by peaking their interest in conscious eating.
  1. We believe people should be excited and passionate about the food they eat and that grocery shopping should be an engaging, fun and stress-free experience.
  1. We believe in lifelong learning and teaching all generations about what to eat, how to eat, and the many ways to prepare food in their own kitchens.
  1. We believe in making a connection with people through food and strive to nurture that connection from our store to people’s kitchens and dining room tables.
  1. We believe in fueling families and individuals by providing them with access to the highest quality organic produce and other groceries.
  1. We believe in sourcing our products from local producers whenever we can to support our community and help build a sustainable local food network.
  1. We believe every person in our business is our family, has equal value and that their work contributes to our success. Our people deserve to work in an environment where they are built up, supported, and know we have their back no matter what.
  1. We believe in prompting social awareness about the state of our agricultural and food systems and the significant impact those systems have on our health and that of the earth.


Curious about going organic?

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We’d love to chat!

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Body Fuel Organics
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Company History

Body Fuel Organics is the brainchild of Regina’s Lana Van Dijk – a woman who turned to organic produce as a way to improve her daughter’s health.  A passionate advocate for health, wellbeing and fitness, Van Dijk is a firm believer in the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Hence the name: Body Fuel Organics.

In her younger years, Lana’s now 23-year-old daughter seemed to get sick all of the time, was on a number of antibiotics, and at the most extreme, was on antibiotics nine times in one year.  Desperate for alternatives, Lana met with a naturopath who recommended that Lana try to build up her daughter’s immune system through the use of organic food, as it was clear her daughter’s system couldn’t handle all of the pesticides and toxins in that which was not organic.

At the time, organic produce was hard to come by locally so Lana did what she still does best: found a solution. After some research, Lana discovered an informal local home based collaborative that made bins of organic produce.  Lana signed up on the spot – and got 14 of her friends to sign up too!  In time, her daughter’s health improved exponentially and it wasn’t long before Lana decided it was time to open up her own business.  This new business combined some of the characteristics of the service she had used with new and improved aspects.

Before long, Lana had all the paperwork in place required to put together organic produce bins in her basement where she renovated a room so it would meet health regulations.  From this room, equipped with a full sized cooler and a double sink, Lana built up to fifty bins a day with two young children at home and another in kindergarten.  She often jokes about how the increased foot traffic in her house led to her carpets getting really worn!

After two years of operating out of her basement, it was clear there was a demand for her service, and she expanded to her first physical location on Ottawa Street in 2006.

Nine years later, Body Fuel had grown and allowed Lana to expand her store once more to its current location on McDonald Street. This new location has afforded the business with a significant increase in space for the grocery store, coolers and freezers, bin preparation and client education.  

Today, Body Fuel Organics has 7 employees, which includes 1 full-time position and 6 part-time employees. Beyond the city of Regina, the company’s service area stretches to White City, Pilot Butte, Balgonie, and Lumsden areas. As well as Estevan, Weyburn, Pangman, Stoughton and Qu'Appelle.