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The Fix Bite Coffee

The Fix Bite Coffee

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Locally made in Kamsack, SK!

This FIX Bite is a coffee lovers’ addition to coffee time.  This energy bite is made with Free Trade Arabic beans , molasses, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and flax.  It raw, natural ingredients tastes great AND can help your body protect you from heart diseases and inflammation.

Made with freshly ground Free Trade Arabic beans, molasses and dried apricots make this FIX Bite a coffee lovers’ addition to coffee time.  Add to this mix pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and flax and you have a great snack that will carry you till lunch, dinner or breakfast tomorrow morning.

Did you know that eating coffee can have some great benefits over drinking coffee?  The caffeine is absorbed quicker into the body from the ground bean and the antioxidant levels from coffee’s “phenolic compounds” can protect us from heart diseases and inflammation.

Ingredients: raw shelled hemp, flax meal, molasses, cacao nibs, dried apricots, Canadian maple syrup, raw almonds, raw hazelnuts, rolled oats, raw pumpkin seeds, extra pure virgin oil, fresh ground Arabica beans, fresh ground Himalayan salt