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Prana Organic Granolove Cookie Squares - Brownie Crunch (120g)

Prana Organic Granolove Cookie Squares - Brownie Crunch (120g)

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Satisfy your everyday cravings with our new organic gluten-free brownie cookie squares. These chocolate lover’s favorite bites pack a powerful punch of flavor and lots of crunch.

Convenient and wholesome, these cookies are perfect for snacking on the go, slipping into your desk drawer or dipped into your morning coffee. They’re so good you can even share them with your kids. Pssst...we won't judge if you keep them all to yourself!

Ingredients: Gluten free oats*, Sugars* (brown rice syrup*, cane sugar*), Sunflower oil*, 62% Cocoa dark chocolate* (cocoa liquor*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), Cocoa powder*, Acacia gum*, Tapioca flour, Rice flour, Natural flavour, Soy lecithin*, Baking soda, Sea salt, Mixed tocopherols (added to preserve freshness). 


May contain: Almonds, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Walnuts, Sesame.