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Ocean de Saveurs Fisherman's Herbs Blend 30g

Ocean de Saveurs Fisherman's Herbs Blend 30g

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Would you like to try our seaweed, but you don't know which one to choose? Or are you more the type to always want to taste everything? Then Fisherman's Blend  is the product for you! Composed of five different seaweeds, this mixture has been designed to be the ideal all-purpose ingredient for your maritime-flavoured recipes.

BENEFITS FOR HEALTH (daily intake for 15g):

Fisherman 's Blend  is an excellent source:

  • protein ( 28g of protein per 100g recommended);
  • diode;
  • iron ( 175 % );
  •  calcium ( 45 % );
  • magnesium ( 184% ) ;
  • vitamin B12 ( 50% );
  • and fibers .

TASTY AND EASY TO USE: refined vegetable taste  with aromatic notes of seafood . Enhances the flavor of dishes such as poke bowls, seafood, fish, smoothies, soups, soups, starters, salads, etc.

SUSTAINABLE and ECO-RESPONSIBLE FISHING: Un Océan de Saveurs is the only producer of certified sustainable and eco-responsible fishing seaweed Excellence level by the green pages .