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Le Petit Mas Organic Garlic Flowers (190ml)

Le Petit Mas Organic Garlic Flowers (190ml)

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You will love the social benefits of fermented garlic flowers.

Easy to digest and leaving no garlic breath, fermented garlic scapes are the ideal seasoning for your lunches at the office, your family meals and your dishes for special occasions!

Versatile: Use fermented garlic scapes in any recipe when you feel like adding a delicious extra touch!

Practical: Ready to use, fermented garlic scapes are ideal when you are in a rush, or you wish to make things simpler.

Delicate: Fermented garlic scapes enhance your recipes without overpowering other more delicate flavours.

1 tsp. of Le Petit Mas fermented garlic flowers livens up all your recipes for pasta, seafood, salads, steamed vegetables, dressings and more! See recipes for inspiration.

Substitute for garlic: calculate about 1 tsp. of fermented garlic scapes per clove.

Ingredients for organic fermented garlic flowers : Organic garlic scapes, organic first cold pressed sunflower oil, active lactic starter, lactic acid*, apple cider vinegar*.