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Firefly Activated Charcoal (20g)

Firefly Activated Charcoal (20g)

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This new packet-pack has 4 Tbsp (20g) of charcoal ready to go.

Locally made in Craik, SK

Many uses including handmade soaps, facial masks and as a natural tooth whitener.

Use in place of baking soda to control odors and excess moisture around the home.

Ingredients: 100% wood activated charcoal

The charcoal itself is pure carbon at the end of the process, clean and sterile with a very large surface area.  Once cooled, the Firefly is powderized, and more steam is added to help control dust and increase surface area.  We then fill  and seal each package by hand.

Under a microscope this carbon looks like an Aero bar, full of tiny holes that act like an absorbent sponge. This is what makes it so effective to treat digestive issues and even poisonings.  We have had reports that people with food intolerance (lactose/ gluten) or sensitivities due to fibromyalgia, have put a couple of spoonfuls of activated charcoal in a smoothie and felt immediate relief from pain as the charcoal begins to absorb the irritating substance in their stomachs.  Recovery still take a couple of days, as always, but the discomfort is relieved and in some cases recovery can be sped up.