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Hearty Vegetable Stew



  1. Mince the carrot, celery stalk, and small onion very fine.
  2. Saute this mixture in 1/4 cup of veggie broth until the veggies are nice and soft.
  3. Add the large chopped onion and continue cooking until softened.
  4. It’s ok if the liquid gets a little low – the brown bits add to the flavor.
  5. Add the mushrooms and cook on medium high until they lose their liquid.
  6. Season with the rosemary and italian seasoning.
  7. Add the wine and deglaze any brown spots in your pan. (This is the good stuff!)
  8. After a few minutes add the rest of the broth, the tomatoes and tomato sauce.
  9. Add all your chopped veggies and turn the heat up to boil.
  10. Add the rest of the seasonings.
  11. Once it’s boiling, turn down the heat to low and add the peas.
  12. Simmer to desired consistency.