Rawnata Goji Berry Hemp Snacker Bar (28g)

Rawnata Goji Berry Hemp Snacker Bar (28g)

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Goji Hemp Snackers have flavour that many have described as being “bright and tangy”.  They taste fresh and light, and undeniably fruity. Kids of all ages love them!

Goji Berry Hemp Snackers are lightweight, yet sturdy enough to take on a hiking trip!

As with all Rawnata snacks, every ingredient has been carefully chosen with your health in mind.

  • Not too sweet!
  • Lots of antioxidants
  • Only 140 calories per bar
  • Easy to digest (they’re dehydrated rather than baked)
  • Crunchy goodness!
  • Crumble them and add to Greek yogurt, salad, oatmeal, or ice-cream.

Ingredients: hulled hemp seed, coconut, maple sugar, goji berries, water, citrus fibre, citric acid