Patience Fruit & Co. Sour Cran Sour Peach (60g)

Patience Fruit & Co. Sour Cran Sour Peach (60g)

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If you love fruit as much as we do, you’ve probably come across a particularly delicious one and thought, “this tastes just like candy!” We’ve taken that moment of pure joy to a whole new level with our SourCran sour peach candy, creating a candy-like snack out of real dried fruit. A healthy candy that packs a sweet and sour punch to satisfy all your cravings!

Polyphenols are naturally present in cranberries.

8g of sugar per bag

Very high source of fibre, no artificial flavours or colours, without gelatin

Made in a peanut free facility

Naturally gluten-free


Ingredients: Dried unsweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, tapioca dextrine soluble fibre, glycerin, organic sunflower oil), Organic cane sugar, Citric acid, Natural flavour.