Maison Orphee Lemon & Chili Apple Cider Vinegar (500ml)

Maison Orphee Lemon & Chili Apple Cider Vinegar (500ml)

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This unique vinegar astonishes with a blend of flavours. The first aroma is the beloved apple cider vinegar’s. Next comes the tart taste of freshly pressed lemons. Follows a surprising finale from the spicy chili that can be felt in the throat. 

This vinegar will quickly become an indispensable ingredient in your kitchen if you like to add a touch of zesty spiciness to your salad dressings or your marinades. It is a delicious addition to a scallop Ceviche or to a fresh shrimp salad. Add it to your BBQ sauces for the delicious spiciness with unique notes. 

Try it in warm water with ginger to use as a cold-buster, or in cocktails and mocktails. 

Our apple cider vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It contains the “mother” of vinegar known for its benefits. It is used by some consumers for its beneficial effects on digestion and for its rich mineral content.  

Did you know? To enjoy the full benefits of apple cider vinegar you can drink it mixed in with water, tea or juice.