La Chaudiere Mozzarella Cheese (340g)

La Chaudiere Mozzarella Cheese (340g)

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Organic Mozzarella Cheese

You can’t just dream up a silky milk and butter delight like this—you have to indulge in it. And that’s certainly what you’ll do with our organic mozzarella. It’s indispensable for setting off your au gratin dishes, salads, and of course your organic pizza.

To spell it all out, our ORGANIC MOZZARELLA is
• Semi-firm
• 17% M.F.
• 52% moisture
• Lactose-free, semi-firm, rindless, and made from organic partly skimmed milk using microbial enzymes from plants and thus no animal rennet.

Ingredients: Organic partially skimmed milk, sea salt, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture