Iodine Source Detoxified Iodine (0.5oz)

Iodine Source Detoxified Iodine (0.5oz)

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Our iodine is reduced to a 1% concentration in 100% ethyl alcohol and electro-magnetically transmuted (while being suspended in a wet bath containing a mild acid solution) into the Atomic state.

Detoxified Iodine 1/2 oz: 4-6 week supply
Detoxified Iodine 1 oz: 8-12 week supply
Take 1 drop in 3 to 6 oz water or topically for the first day, increasing 1 drop each day for 5 days. Give yourself 2 days off and then repeat for five days. Follow this routine for three weeks. Then you can take 5 drops daily and work your way up slowly as long as there is no discomfort. Most people stabilize at 8 to 10 drops daily; some may need up to 12 to 15 drops. Once you have raised your levels, it may be okay to cut back a bit and it's okay to skip a day once in a while.

8 am to 12 noon on an empty stomach 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements. Taking it after 4 pm could raise your energy levels and leave you not being able to sleep at night.

1% Iodine Crystals in Ethyl Alcohol
(200 micrograms iodine per drop)

As a Rinse:

First thing in the morning put 6-8 drops in a half ounce of water for a rinse and gargle for 10 to 15 seconds and spit out. This kills a lot of bacteria in the mouth and below the gum line. In turn this sends a positive signal to the rest of the body as the teeth are the Grand Central Station of the body's meridian system.

In Water:

Begin say on a Monday morning with a single drop in water. Increase one drop each morning, so by Friday you are up to five drops. Leave it off for the weekend and repeat this sequence until you feel ready to develop your own sequence. By gently priming the system in this manner you will enhance your intuitive powers and restore your free will!


By following the "in water" sequence topically, the uptake is slowed down, and you are afforded the added benefit the skin test offers by watching to see how long the color stays on the skin. The quicker it disappears, the more the body is calling for it.