Good and Cheap Carbon 60 Olive Oil (5oz.)
Good and Cheap Carbon 60 Olive Oil (5oz.)

Good and Cheap Carbon 60 Olive Oil (5oz.)

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From Good and Cheap:

"Facts about the product:

- We ship 90mg C60 in 100mL of olive oil for a 0.90mg/mL ratio, which is the maximum stable concentration.

- We use 99.9+% Carbon 60, which is heated in a vacuum oven to remove any residual solvents.

- We fully dissolve the C60 by stirring for 2 weeks in complete darkness, and then vacuum filter through a 0.22um sterilizing filter to remove any undissolved C60 particles.  The entire process is done in the dark in sealed containers to protect the oil from any degradation.

- We use authentic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, consistently tested to be authentic olive oil.  (Most retail olive oils are a blend and do not have the signature "peppery" quality of an authentic oil.)

- We do not keep stock for more than 3 weeks. All shipped bottles are freshly produced.

- We were established in 2014 and are experts at producing Carbon 60 Olive Oil correctly to the original specifications and to a high standard, using only high quality ingredients and methods.

- Our product was independently tested by a third party laboratory on longevity and received the highest rating."