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Back to YouRoots Korean Superfood Kimchi (480ml)

Back to YouRoots Korean Superfood Kimchi (480ml)

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Locally made in Regina!

Kimchi is a salted, fermented, vegetable mix or what we like to call, a Korean Superfood! There are many variations and different recipes but only one Back to YouRoots Kimchi. The big difference with our Kimchi is that we do not use fish oil, instead we use seaweed which is an amazing source of iodine. Our Kimchi paste is homemade, so we can control exactly what goes into it. It’s 100% natural, handcrafted, handpicked, using simple non GMO ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives, filler or water ever added.

Ingredients: Napa cabbage, carrots, daikon radish, spring onions, ginger, garlic, seaweed, sesame seeds, Korean chili flakes, paprika, red miso paste (soybean, rice, salt) non GMO, fresh 100% apple juice and sea salt. Keep Refrigerated - Raw & Alive!