Pure-le Liquid Greens Chlorophyll Mint (1L)

Pure-le Liquid Greens Chlorophyll Mint (1L)

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Unique in a way that it is a gentle cleanser (in fact it is the only cleanser of a class of common toxins known as aflatoxins) while at the same time it is a calorie-free energizing tonic. Athletes cherish chlorophyll as a potent antioxidant, as well as a bronchial dilator (opens up airways allowing more oxygen to enter your system). Moreover, chlorophyll can aid the body in repairing tissue and injuries; this property is effective for both internal and external injuries.

Pure-lē Natural Liquid Greens Chlorophyll is great in taste, refreshing, bioavailable, water-soluble, kosher and vegan!

Sodium copper chlorophyllin (chlorphyll) from English alfalfa (150mg/tbsp.)

Non-medicinal ingredients - purified water, sodium benzoate, natural spearmint oil, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid

Super concentrated