About Us

Body Fuel Organics has been providing the city of Regina (and beyond) delicious, healthy organic produce and groceries since 2005.  Our produce "Bin Service" was an approach developed by Lana VanDijk to help get high quality organic produce in peoples' homes in a cost-effective, convenient way.  The Bin Service began with just 14 health conscience friends making there way to Lana's home where she would build the bins in her basement.  From this humble start, Body Fuel began !


Body Fuel's Bin Service now services approximately 500+ customers from Regina, White City, Pilot Butte, Balgonie, Emerald Park, Lumsden/Regina Beach area, Cupar, Pense/Grand Coulee and Indian Head.

Why Choose Body Fuel?

We are a locally, family owned business that began out of need for convenience and healthy options. We built the business upon the concept of helping you feed your family well, with lots of fun choices to promote a healthy happy lifestyle.

We provide:
* the option to have your groceries delivered to you or picked up at our store location. 
* a staff who are full of ideas (and recipes too!) on how to prepare foods you might not be familiar with and product knowledge of what we carry
* a fun atmosphere to shop in, whether in-store or online. 
* a store that you can trust - we support our local farmers as much as possible, think about our impact on the earth and recycle as much as possible (we even provide our vegetable trimmings to lucky organic chickens to keep them out of the landfill!), believe in the organic movement and sustainability for our earth.
* a dedication and admiration for our amazing customers to provide you with what you need.

Meet Our Team

Lana VanDijk OWNER/CEO grew up in rural Saskatchewan on a small family farm where she enjoyed the freshest of everything from vegetables to dairy and meat. After moving to Regina and starting a family, Lana's passion for high quality, clean food and better health had a meaningful purpose - her first child was challenged with a weak immune system. Change was imminent and the beginning of her journey for both her family and herself awaited.

Lana holds a degree in Physical Activity Studies -Fitness and Lifestyle Programming, is a member of the Regina Women's Network, the SK Women Entrepreneurs, a former Ambassador with the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce and is an enthusiastic taekwon do, ski-race, hockey and ringette mom.  In her down time, you'll find her cooking and experimenting with new recipes, or with her husband Ryan training for a Spartan race!

Lana has 4 healthy and happy children, has a piqued interest in the organic and local marketplace as well as personal development. She loves to brighten her customers' day with a warm smile or kind word....and she loves to laugh at her own corny jokes!  

Greta Lange - Greta (known among us as "Greta Greatness")started working at Body Fuel in September 2011, but has been a customer since Lana started her business in her home and remembers the first delivery van Lana had filled with not only her produce boxes but three children!  Greta is an avid healthy eater and if the mangos and pineapple are gone, talk to Greta....she may have taken them all home!   Outside of BFO she likes to spend time with her family ( husband & 2 boys), read, walk, do kung fu, voluteer at her kid's school.  She has a Bachelor Degree in English and Education. 

Alan Hill joined Body Fuel in June 2012 through the Saskatchewan Abilities Council "New Opportunities For Work" Program.  Alan often works in the back: bagging produce, building produce bins, stocking shelves in the store and a ton of other tasks. He enjoys working with the friendly poeple here at Body Fuel and you can always depend on Alan for a warm smile!  He's always upbeat!   His favourite Fruit is the Granny Smith Apple and his favourite veggie is the Rainbow Swiss Chard.  In his spare time, Alan collects comic books and helps out around the house.

Richard Ziffle joined Body Fuel in February 2013, and is one of our delivery drivers with a sense of humour that keeps us all guessing.  He enjoys working with a variety of "organic" people and bringing organic food to people's homes.  According to Richard, some of these "organic people" are sweet, colourful, wild, mature, thoughtful, generous, funny, caring and he gets "filled" up every time he comes to Body Fuel.  Outside of BFO, Richard is a commissionaire.

Brenda Selensky joined Body Fuel in March 2013.  Brenda amazes us all with her speed in which she covers the sales floor!  Brenda enjoys helping customers and makes it her mission to try everything we have in stock.  Outside of BFO, Brenda is a Registered Massage Therapist, who also specializes in aesthetics doing pedicures, wraps and scrubs  She enjoys spending time working on her new home and yard, spending time with her pets, dancing, socializing, and having clumbsy and awkward moments!

Sarah Frostad joined Body Fuel in May 2013, and is our bin packer officiando (the girl can spot a bruised fruit from a mile away).  Sarah enjoys all the folks at BFO and likes supporting organic food.  We recently discovered her appreciation for the golden kiwis!  Outside of BFO she enjoys teaching piano, studying music, reading books, gardening and cooking.

Jay Carnall a.k.a Mr Sunshine is our jack-of-all-trades here at BFO. If he is not found in the back sorting out and crisping produce, he may be out doing deliveries (or possibly fixing that gaget in the back that no one knows what to do with) - all with a huge smile on his face! With Jay's outgoing, "Can Do" attitude its hard NOT to have a great day here at BFO. 


Bree Tremblay: Our Golden Girl Bree can be found up front helping customers many days of the week here at BFO.  She makes the drive in from Pense to help us stock our shelves, give excellent service to customers and fill in where she is needed (which is a lot of places!) A great positive attitude follows this girl where she goes and we simply love it when Bree walks in the door!